Board of Directors

The Houston County Emergency Communications District is an independent political body created under Tennessee State Law and as authorized by referendum by the voters of Houston County, Tennessee. The district is charged with providing emergency 9-1-1 telephone access and emergency dispatching service. To this end, the district employs 10 persons who are trained in this discipline, and in the necessary managerial and technical support services.

The district operates state of the art communication systems including a modern 9-1-1 center, computer aided dispatch system, and a county-wide radio network serving more than 250 users. The district is managed by a full time executive director and staff. Oversight is provided by a nine member board.

Members of the Houston County Emergency Communications District Board of Directors:

  • Kevin Sugg, Chair, Houston Co. Sheriff
  • Stephen Black, Secretary, Citizen’s Representative
  • Leah Siegel, Treasurer, Citizen’s Representative
  • Paul Bailey, Board Member, City of Erin Mayor
  • Beth Fialkowski, Board Member, Houston Co. EMS Ops Mgr
  • Leslie Rucker, Board Member, Tennessee Ridge City Recorder
  • Stephanie Smith, Board Member, Citizen's Representative
  • Howard Spurgeon, Board Member, Citizen's Representative
  • Jim Stanley, Board Member, Houston Co. Fire Chief